Victor Raphael and Clayton Spada present a collaborative series of pigmented inkjet prints titled, "From Zero to Infinity." These works depict the intersection of nature, philosophical thought and scientific principle. It explores man's place in the Universe and is a reflection on our existence. All underscored with glittering images of the cosmos. All works are 24" x 30" and are printed on Moab Entrada paper in an edition of 25.

Portfolios II and III have been reshaped and enriched with the invitation to search through the special collections of rare manuscripts and books at the Doheny Memorial Libraries, University of Southern California.

Link to Biologically-Inspired Computing for the Arts: Scientific Data through Graphics - A premier Reference Source - with contributions from around the globe, comprises a collection of authors’ individual approaches to the relationship between nature, science, and art created with the use of computers. Abstract - Chapter 20 - From Zero to Infinity: A Story of Everything, Clayton S. Spada (Cypress College, USA) and Victor Raphael (Independent artist, USA)

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Spin Reflections Center of the Universe The Measure of All Things As Above So Below

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From Zero to Infinity PORTFOLIO THREE ©Victor Raphael and Clayton Spada